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Awaken he LightWorker to help raise the Vibration and Consciousness of the planet!

Saturday, 27 May 2017
Welcome and Good Morning,

today I am being guided to talk about awakening the LightWorker!
For those of you who are new to the spiritual path here is a definition to help you begin to understand the role of this amazing and much needed job within the community and world right now

Wiktionary: lightworker(Noun). A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves peoples' lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness.
To me,  a LightWorker is a heart centred person who is here on the earth right now to spread and give unconditional love to all those around them. With this love they bring healing energy and words to raise the vibration and heal where ever they can. Roles can vary across all kinds of occupations, volunteer positions and relationships.
An example may be a heart centred Teacher who is here to help educate the children in a compassionate way that encourages the opening of ones spiritual, emotional and intellectual gifts. Another may be the carer in an old age home who holds the hand of the wise one each day and shows love when many have forgot to do this.
The devoted healer, counsellor or therapist who commits their life to bringing through the awakening and expanded consciousness of peace and love to heal others through their work.
The humanitarian who works endlessly to protect animals and the environment recognising the fragility of the planets survival in the long run and for the children yet to come.
There are so many ways to help, it may be as simple as smiling to a stranger you can see who is suffering, or supporting your friend with an open heart through crisis, rather than tuning into judgement or being too busy.
The beauty of the world today is that we have a choice,
"the choice to step into the light is here, and a very easy one to make".
Sometimes it may seem overwhelming as you are awakened and given a responsibility and job to carry through that seems difficult or challenging, but the message is around having faith and knowing in your heart and soul that there is a DIVINE PLAN that is being DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED.
We have all come in to grow through living out our lessons, relax in knowing that when the time is right, you will carry through whatever the light is guiding you to do, big or small. the size does not matter as it is about the overall contribution of humanity at this time.
The more people we have with the light, the brighter the world can shine allowing the energy of love and joy to radiate the earths atmosphere moving us into an expanded state of consciousness and awareness, the fifth dimensional realm and that even higher.
I encourage you on your journey,
light that light inside you and share it with someone today, for from here on in each and every moment counts.
This special message is from my guides and I thank them for allowing me to be the vehicle to bring this to you today!
Blessings and Light

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