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Tarot Mentoring

Learning the Tarot can be so much fun, it really has the power to help you in all areas of your life.

Psychic Annie will teach you from the beginning, taking you on a journey through the major and minor ancarna looking at the traditional meanings of each card .and exploring the meanings that intuitively come from your own senses or guides .as these are just as important

Psychic Annie will teach you how to effectively connect with the spirit world  and angels for guidance, protection and support. Opening up this channel will allow spiritual transformation as you progress through the journey of the tarot.

You will learn effective meditation techniques to intuitively interpret the cards looking at colours, symbology, numbers and astrology. You will gain confidence as a reader and will develop your own personal reading style. You will be guided through a number of different tarot spreads to help encourage you to develop confidence as an affective reader.

Lessons are taught by Skype and are $50 per hour with one on one tuition with Psychic Annie.

LIVE Tarot Tutoring Class in Hobart

Welcome Tarot Enthusiasts,
would you like to learn the mysteries and scerets of tarot reading? Please come and join my monthy workshops where you can learn in a relaxed, spiritual and fun environment how to give readings for yourself and others. You will learn how to intiutively read the cards, explore colour, numerology and astrology associations of the cards.
These classes will help you channel naturally and with confidence!
The fee is $55 for each class and is payable one week prior to the class.
Please book by contacting via message on facebook or [email protected]
Blessings and Light